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The Female Stain

Menstrually Marked
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I will not tolerate the suggestion OR IMPLICATION that I or any other radfem:

- Thinks all sex is rape
- Are anti-sex and/or -masturbation
- Thinks women in the sex industry are stupid or inferior
- Think that men are evil and/or should be destroyed, put into death camps, or enslaved
- Want to censor free sexual expression

You WILL be banned if this happens. This journal is screened for a reason - to keep anti-feminist BULLSHIT out of it.

Now, a few more words, if I may?

First, the term "vanille" has absolutely nothing to do with my sexuality. I enjoy French, and I enjoy the word "vanille", which is "vanilla" in French (just in case you couldn't figure that out). I plan to name one of my future adopted rabbits Vanille.

Second, I moderate comments at my discretion. This is not because I am stupid; to the contrary, it is because I am not stupid, and in fact am so smart I'm fuckin' paranoid. I moderated comments so that my readers will not be intimidated into leaving because of some jackass MRA like over at Alas!. If you are upset that I moderate my comments, probably you're one of the people I had in mind when I decided to moderate all my comments.

Third, I am a radical Feminist. The "radical" means exactly that; the capital "F" on Feminist means that I also try to encompass race, species, ability, trans and gay issues. It also means that I'm vegan. (You can't be a capital-F Feminist without being vegan. You just can't. It's not right.) Third and a half, I am an ethical vegan, which is really the only kind of vegan there is. (Sorry, health "vegans" and honey "vegans", you're actually vegetarians.)

Fourth, I'm taken. Not all that surprising, given that I'm fucking fantastic in all ways.

I'll think of the fifth thing later.

Annoyed Feminist Wish Dollie:
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We said that men hate us, and they proved us right.
We said that men are dangerous, and they proved us right.
We said that men would betray us, and they proved us right.
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